Our mission is to make the Pure Malt Craft Lager Beers accessible to everyone. We focus on making quality and tasty beers while keeping the drinking experience simple to understand and easy to enjoy by everyone.

Isac Alves

Founder & Owner

Budken Brewery


Golden Lager

Pure malt beer with a medium-low malt aroma, has a golden color,  a crisp dry flavor and a creamy head within an easy to drink light body. A perfect drink to enjoy with friends in all occasions.

India Pale Lager

A twisted and harmonious combination of lager yeast fermentation and a blend of new hops that creates a huge tropical fruit and citrus aroma. A dry finish accentuates the pleasant bitterness and hop profile.


Black Lager

Big, Bold, Black and Budken. A beer we are proud to have created. A very special lager style. Smell and taste sweet, feel creamy on the mouth with a predominant and gentle note of roasted coffee flavor.

Red Lager

To our beloved Switzerland. An attractive amber color with a beautiful white head. Has a moderate bitterness combined to a grainy smell and a balanced finish of caramel taste. A beer that's enough on its own.


White Lager

Both, irreverent and traditional. A classical unfiltered Weizenbier now in a provocative lager style challenging the status quo, balancing the citrus and floral hops that are added just before bottling. 


" The green bottle with the silver edges on the label is elegant and simple combining the look of the  party beers and their cheerfulness to the good taste of a craft beer "


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